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Feb 9

Yeah, when I said I was back…

Of course, life grabbed me from the computer and put me in a headlock warbling “NAH DOG YOU AIN’T GONNA STAY HERE”, so I guess i’ll make this a total summer/break blog. Don’t worry, I’m probably gonna appear to give ya’ll a request or two. I’M NOT DEAD JUST TAKING A BREAK. 
And to new followers, I’d like to say

Anyway, for requests, put down something you’d want to see, I look around and try to find something that can be viewed as a reaction.

Jan 21


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Dec 10

T’was the Night Before Comic Con

This is something that I had to do for a school project, which was write a different version of Night Before Christmas so…me and my group made this. I know this isn’t a gif compilation, I’m sorry but I just had to post it. Credit to me and my group (you know who you are).

T’was the night before ComicCon, when all through the hotel
Not a cosplayer was stirring Potterheads not casting a spell

The costumes were hung by the hangers with care
In hope that tomorrow they would not tear

The nerds were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of fandoms danced in their heads

Doctor Who in his bowtie and Ash Ketchum in his cap
The cosplayers settled down for a late night’s nap

When out in the lobby there arose such a clatter
We all sprang from the beds to see what was the matter

Away to the main lobby I flew like The Flash
Tore past the others and stood next to Rainowdash

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
That Hogwarts Express had just arrived here!

With a little green conductor, so wise and with fuzz
I knew in a moment, Yoda it was!

More rapid than Superman the train had come
Yoda whistled and shouted and called each fandom

“Now, Treckies! Now, Hobbits! Now, Tributes and Sherlockins!
On, Homestucks! On, Avatards! On, Fannibals and Whovians!”

He continued to name them, till all the fandoms were called
We gathered onto the train, it sustained the large haul.

Out the window, the superheroes, oh how they flew!
With Iron Man, Superman and WonderWoman too!

And then, in an instant, I heard on the top
The sound of a very familiar hop.

As we ran to the window and looked around
Down the escape hatch, a green yoshi came with a bound!

Yoshi was green from his head to his foot
And the rider’s outfit was stained with coal, dust and soot.

A bundle of other fandoms arrived on other yoshis’ backs
They all came in, in multiple packs

Thor’s hammer how it shone and his hair how majestic
Loki trailed behind, looking rather pessimistic

Katniss entered, and drew her bow
Gandalf appeared, beard white as snow

Darth Vader rode in, his cape waving impressively
Spock followed behind, viewing his tricoder attentively

Link drew his master sword and raised it in the air
Captain America brandished his shield without a care

Another character turned up, why it was Adventure Time Finn!
He announced the train was heading back to the inn.

A wink of their eyes and nod of their heads
Soon gave me to know I have nothing to dread

They spoke not a word then smiled at our work
Then complimented out costumes, and turned a satisfactory twerk

Mario raised his thumb and held it in the air,
Through the escape hatch they went, they disappeared in pairs

We got off the train feeling kind of upset
But it was an experience we would never forget

We heard a shout from the train which was just about gone, 

Nov 21

hedensken asked: This isn't a gif request, but I'm glad you're back! I was starting to get worried!!

Yeah I kind just decided to take a break on tumblr then school started then I got a life then yeah. Since it’s been a while, I kinda need to get used to Tumblr’s new search thingy. But thank you follower! 


Mother of God

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And I’ve been gone for a while, school mostly…..
BUT NO FEAR! I’ve been thinking of keeping this going so let’s see where I’ll go now! 

Aug 22

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